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Can't afford skyrocketing heating bills?
Try... L-I-H-E-A-P
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program


LIHEAP assists low-income households by offsetting the rising cost of home energy through direct financial assistance, energy counseling, outreach and education. An overdue bill or disconnect notice is not required to receive LIHEAP assistance once per year. Emergency assistance is available to eligible households whose utility service has been disconnected and for homeowners whose furnace is non-operational or determined unsafe to operate.


          Total household income may not exceed 150% of poverty.

          Client must be customer of record with utility company.

          Client must submit complete documentation of income and proof of Social Security Number.

Income guidelines for 2020 have been raised. You may be eligible to receive assistance if your household's total income is at or below the following levels:

2020 LIHEAP Income Guidelines
Family 30 - Day
Size Income 
1 $1,561
2 $2,114
3 $2,666
4 $3,219
5 $3,771
6 $4,324
7 $4,876
8 $5,429



Add $553 for each additional household member 

LIHEAP runs October 1 through May 31

(Seniors and Disabled -- October 1 through May 31)

Please call for an appointment 630-620-2400

Over 60 please call Senior Center 630-620-2424

Homebound individuals can call Human Services at 630-407-6500 to arrange for a home visit by a LIHEAP representative.

If service is disconnected please call 630-407-6500