Determine the Fair Market Value

Appealing an Assessment

Step 1:  Determine the Fair Market Value of Your Property
There are several methods you can use to determine the current value of your property. They are:

1.    A professional appraiser may be hired. No Realtors comparative market analysis will be accepted.

2.    You can determine the selling prices of several properties similar to yours using the previous three (3) years sales. You can also obtain the assessed value of those properties from their property record cards. Taxpayers have the right to inspect the property record cards and other assessment records of any property. You can also obtain copies of real estate transfer declarations or other evidence of the sale price of any property you are using to compare to your own.

3.    If your home was recently built, you can determine its market value by calculating the actual cost of the structure and the purchase price of the land. Remember though that construction costs do not always equal value.

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