Snow and Ice

York Township begins salting when the snow starts to accumulate and traffic safety is affected. We spread rock salt treated with liquid Beet Heet, which will melt snow and ice when ambient temperatures are as low as 0 degrees.

Truck plowing snow

The Township has opted not to adopt a Township wide parking ban, but relies on the cooperation of our residents. However, there is a County (Township) wide "No Parking" ban--signs can be and will be posted when necessary. Historically, this has been a favorable situation for us. Please do not park on your street if snow is anticipated or has not yet been plowed in your area. This will help us do a better job. Parking on cul-de-sacs, dead ends, and turnarounds should be avoided when plow trucks are out. Parked cars in these areas prevent the plows from removing the snow properly and /or turning around.

Our crew does not intentionally "plow in" your drive nor aim for your mailbox. Our snow plows are of the same side delivering design as all other municipalities. This is the fastest and most efficient means to remove snow from streets. As a result, snow is discharged to the curb and inevitably into driveways. If possible, delay the time you clear your driveway until the plows have cleared your street. Do not clean your driveway into the street. It presents a hazardous condition to motorists and is against the law.

Occasionally, heavy slush discharged from a plow will knock down a mailbox. Most mailboxes, if properly placed and installed, will withstand heavy slush. The Township will not be responsible for damage to improperly placed mailboxes. If your mailbox meets specifications and is damaged as a result of our work, contact the Road District and we will replace it.