Your Elected Officials

Back Row L-R: Trustee John Morrissey, Assessor Deanna Wilkins, Supervisor John W. Valle, Clerk Dan Kordik. Front Row L-R: Highway Commissioner Dick Schroeder, Trustee Rae Rupp Srch, Trustee Jeffrey Mussatto, Trustee Anthony Cuzzone.

John W. Valle- Supervisor

Chief Executive Officer of York Township and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. Supervises and administers all governmental functions with the exception of the offices of Clerk, Assessor, and Highway Commissioner.

Supervisor Contact Information

(630) 620-2400


Anthony Cuzzone – Trustee
John Morrissey – Trustee
Jeffrey Mussatto – Trustee
Rae Rupp Srch – Trustee

Represent the public on the Township Board, audit accounts, monitor the performance of York Township, vote on contracts, personnel matters, and routine township business.

Daniel J. Kordik – Township Clerk

Custodian of township records. Handles voter registration and keeps minutes of all meetings.

Clerk Contact Information
(630) 495-0686

Deanna Wilkins – Assessor

Assesses all real estate in York Township for tax purposes.

Assessor Contact Information
(630) 627-3354

Richard L. Schroeder – Highway Commissioner

Constructs and maintains all roads, bridges, and infrastructure in unincorporated areas of York Township.

Highway Commissioner Contact Information
(630) 627-2200