Picture of Deanna Wilkins

Deanna first started at the York Township Assessor’s Office in 1996.  Appointed Assessor in 2004, Deanna has worked diligently to update and modernize the office and control costs.

As Assessor, Deanna has the primary responsibility of valuing for property tax purposes more than 46,000 real estate parcels in the township.  Her staff of 10 continues to be available to residents and property owners when filing for available exemptions or answering questions relating to their property tax bills.

Deanna firmly believes in locally elected officials and in Township government.  As a unit of government closest to the residents, township elected officials are better able to respond to resident concerns in a timely manner.  Additionally, as a home and business owner, Deanna is well aware of the importance of having fiscal matters decided LOCALLY.

For the 2019 General Reassessment, Deanna has completed the computerization of the assessment process to more efficiently value real property.  This modernization process will ensure statistically more accurate and uniform assessments and provide timely feedback of market conditions.

An active member of her church and various other social organizations; Deanna is committed to the health, safety and welfare of all the people of York Township.  Her unwavering commitment to charitable groups is at the heart of who she is: a dedicated, active, and interested public servant.

Deanna’s Community/Professional involvements include:

  •   Grace Community Church Member
  •   Lombard Historical Society
  •   Rotary Club Member
  •   Elks Club Member
  •   Moose Member

Biographical Information:

  • Life-long Lombard resident
  • Married, one child
  • Construction company co-owner
  • Illinois licensed Realtor
  • Illinois Certified Residential Appraiser
  • Certified Illinois Assessing Officer