Permits are required for all work, except grass cutting, in the parkways and on the township right-of-way. Some projects on private property that require a DuPage County permit also require a review and a Township Road District Permit.

If the permit calls for a room addition, new garage, in-ground pool, etc., we will issue a permit with an $800.00 fee for a construction bond. The bond is fully refundable, upon completion, provided no damage is found on township right-of-way. Should there be any damage to the sidewalk, ditch, curb, or road that is not corrected, we will make repairs and deduct the cost from the bond.

Any time work is done in the parkway or street in front of property, a permit is required. Examples are tree planting and driveway installation or replacement.

Driveway lights and sprinkler systems cannot be installed in the parkway. They should be installed within the confines of your property. Brick mailboxes are a safety hazard and will not be permitted.

Unauthorized work may be removed and charges for the removal assessed to the homeowner.

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Residential Permits

New Construction - $1,200

Room Additions - $800

In-Ground Pools

Concrete Patios

Commercial Permits

Rate determined at time of request in the amount of the improvements.