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Township services touch the lives of most of our residents. We are small, accessible, responsive, and cost-effective.

The Assessor’s Office is charged by the state to estimate the market value of the more than 46,000 parcels of property.

The Highway Department is responsible for approximately 68 lane miles of roads and rights-of-way in the unincorporated areas in York Township. From Entrance Permits to Road Maintenance we put our residents first. 

Welcome To York Township

America’s richest blessing is her people. They are the real strength in her grass roots, and that is what township government is all about. It is often described as “the last bastion of true democracy”.

Township government is the oldest form of government in our country; yet it is probably the one people are most unfamiliar with. It is a pleasure for me to have this opportunity to introduce you to current township government and outline our many fine services.

Township services touch the lives of most of our residents. We are small, accessible, responsive, and cost effective claiming less than two percent of the entire real estate tax bill.

Please take the opportunity to browse through this web site and become better informed about what we do to serve you.

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Pertinent Facts About York Township

Incorporated in 1839

Population (2000 Census): 127,446

Registered Voters: 71,866

Municipalities: Elmhurst, Lombard, Villa Park, Oak Brook, Oakbrook Terrace, and sections of Downers Grove, Glen Ellyn, Hinsdale, and Westmont

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The Early History of York Township


The first surveyor arrived in 1780 to survey the territory and the first settlers came in 1830.

“The history of township government in this area goes back to the year 1787 when the Northwest Ordinance was passed by the Continental Congress. It directed the governor of the Northwest Territory to lay our counties and townships and then appoint magistrates and other civil officers in these units. In 1818 when the State of Illinois entered the Union; the townships were larger in area and in irregular shapes.” (Hunter, 1975)

York was first settled in 1834 by Elisha Fish when he purchased the south east quarter of section thirty-five on the west bank of Salt Creek as his new home. Although many say it was settled in 1830, no records of their names or date of settlement can be found. Henry Reader took the south-west corner of section thirty-five in 1835. Luther Morton, Benjamin Fuller and Nicholas Torode all settled on parts of section twenty-seven that same year. In 1836, John Talmadge moved from Brush Hill to York and settled on the south east quarter of section twenty-three. 1836 brought several families to York including Jesse Atwater, Edward Eldridge, Jacob W. Fuller, David Talmadge and David Thurston. Then in 1837, Sheldon Peck, W. Churchill, Zarais Cobb, John Glos and John Bohlander settled in York on what is now called St. Charles Road. John Thrasher settled in section thirty in 1837 as well. John was a soldier in the U.S. Army and was in service during the War of 1812. These men moved out west onto land ceded by the Indians when the government opened the land to settlers under the preemption laws which enabled pioneers to stake a claim at $1.25 an acre. Continue reading…