Residential Exemption (General Homestead Exemption)
Illinois statutes provide for an exemption of $8,000 in equalized assessed value on homes occupied by the person legally responsible for the payment of real estate taxes. Upon moving into a residence, it would be advisable to contact the Township Assessor so he/she may correct the records noting this fact. Click here for the General Exemption form (PDF).opens in a new window

Senior Homestead Exemption
The Senior Homestead Exemption is granted to owner-occupied properties if the owner is 65 years of age or older and was the owner-occupant of the property on January 1st of the assessment year. The exemption reduces the equalized assessed value by $8,000. The exemption may be applied for any time during the year the owner reaches 65 years of age. Application may be made at the Township Assessor's office or the Supervisor of Assessments office. Proof of age and ownership is required with the application. Please call or Click here for the Senior Homestead Exemption form (PDF).opens in a new window

Exemptions Checklist

Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption
This is an additional exemption provided to senior citizens eligible for the Senior Homestead Exemption, with one additional requirement: The total annual GROSS HOUSEHOLD income must not exceed $65,000. For applications or questions concerning the exemption, please call the DuPage County Supervisor of Assessments Office at (630) 407-5858 or our office at (630) 627-3354.

Click here for the 2023 Senior Freeze Fill-In form (PDF)opens in a new window

Click here for the 2024 Senior Freeze Fill-In form (PDF)opens in a new window

Home Improvement Exemption
The Home Improvement Exemption for a residential property currently allows up to a maximum of $25,000 in assessed value ($75,000 actual value) when a proposed increase in assessed value is due solely to a new improvement of an existing structure. This is an AUTOMATIC four year exemption; application is not required.

Additional Benefits for Qualifying Senior Citizens

Property Tax Deferral
Seniors whose annual household income is under $55,000 may qualify for the Property Tax Deferral. Call the DuPage County Treasurer at (630) 407-5900, before March 1st of each year, for information.

Other Exemptions Available
Disabled Veterans (Standard), Disabled Veterans Adaptive Housing, Returning Veterans and Disabled Persons. For more information on additional exemptions please check this Link to Important Forms from DuPage County.opens in a new window

To Request Removal of Exemptions, Click Here (PDF)opens in a new window