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The first annual meeting of the Township of York was held in the spring of 1850 when Edward Eldridge was elected the first Supervisor.

According to “A History of the County of DuPage” published in 1857, York Township had 12 officials in 1850, including Supervisor Eldridge. The others were Allan M. Wright, Town Clerk; George Fuller, Assessor; Adam Glos, Collector; Robert Reed, Overseer of the Poor; and 3 Highway Commissioners, James L. Snow, John Thrasher and Reuben Mink. There were 2 Justices of the Peace, David Thurston and Orson D. Richards. Rounding out the list were 2 Constables, David Fuller and C.W. Richardson.

Today the town board is comprised of myself and trustees Anthony Cuzzone, Rae Rupp Srch, John Morrissey and Jeff Mussatto. Deanna Wilkins is the Township Assessor, the Highway Commissioner is Dick Schroeder, and the Town Clerk is Dan Kordik.

Township government still provides essential services and does so more cost effectively than larger units of government. Today more than ever township government is a vital community link in the Illinois local government system. Township government provides important quality-of-life services.

Townships often provide services at little or no cost to taxpayers. Because townships in Illinois are local in nature, they are able to identify specific community needs and respond to them with creative programs and services.

Townships in Illinois are better able to respond to local needs than larger forms of government because our proximity to our constituents keeps us in touch. Townships provide services without government bureaucracy. In addition to providing the three state mandated functions of general assistance, property assessment and road and bridge maintenance, townships also may provide many other functions. These include programs for senior citizens, young people,  the disabled and low income families. All these programs are designed to fit the needs of specific communities.

The success of township government results from various factors:

Local elected officials in smaller governments are able to take a more direct role in administering government finances and services, because individual citizens have more influence.

Township government is indeed important. For more information about programs and services available through our facilities at York Township Hall you can call us at 630-620-2400 or visit us on

line at or in person at 1502 South Meyers Road in Lombard, Illinois 60148.

God Bless!

John W. Valle