Garbage Collection Referendum

Dear Unincorporated York Township Residents:
We have been informed by DuPage County officials that they are considering the transfer of garbage collection services contracting to the County, covering unincorporated areas such as those within York Township. This proposal entails the enactment of a countywide ordinance, bypassing direct resident voting.
In response to this development, the York Township Board took action in December 2023 by passing a resolution to include a crucial referendum question on the ballot for the upcoming March 19, 2024, primary election. This question seeks your input on whether the York Township Board should be empowered to engage in contracts encompassing garbage collection, disposal, composting, and recycling services for residents residing in unincorporated areas of York Township.
It is essential to note that the Township Board maintains a neutral stance on this matter. Our decision to present this referendum question is solely to ensure that the voices of residents within the unincorporated areas of York Township are heard. We aim to provide residents with the opportunity to determine whether they prefer the Township Board to oversee garbage collection services instead of DuPage County.
Attached, you will find a copy of the ballot question for your reference.

The County survey information is at: DuPage County waste and recycling survey