Present your Evidence to the Review Board

Appealing an Assessment

Step 7:  Present the Evidence Needed to Support Your Claim

At the hearing, you will be asked to present the evidence you have collected. It is important that you have substantial and well-documented evidence so that you can present a sound case. Most of the evidence can be obtained from your Township Assessor’s office or from your own research. When attending a hearing, you will want to include most, if not all, of the following information:

1.    A copy of a Real Estate Transfer Declaration, a deed or a contract.

2.    An appraisal of your property. No Realtors comparative market analysis will be accepted.

3.    A list of recent sales of comparable property (photographs and property record cards for those properties would be helpful).

4.    A copy of your property record card.

5.    Photographs of elements that detract from the value of your property that are not shown on your property record card and a dollar estimate of their negative impact on the value of the home.

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